API functional documentation

You can access the Lizard API via “{your_organisation}.lizard.net/api/v3/”.


What is an API?

API stands for Application Programming Interface. The API, looking like the picture above, gives back timeseries, rasters, or other data or information. This is depending on the request you do to the API. This request comes from the URL you type in the browser. You can also access the API via another program, and make automatic requests.

Basic use API

Below we discuss a basic request to the API. More examples and possibilities will be discussed further down

The basic url is www.{your_organisation}.lizard.net/api/v3, for example:


If you type this in your browser, for example Google Chrome, you will get a list of parameters. These parameters are so called endpoints. If you paste this endpoint after your basic url, you will initiate a query. An example is locations. If you click on the url www.demo.lizard.net/api/v3/locations , you will send a query to Lizard to search all locations that you have access to. As a response, you will get indeed the locations back, as well as some metadata.


Above each page, you will see some additional parameters, with which you can specify your query more. Most endpoints have examples of this.


If we are looking for a specific location, with a name that contains ‘gemaal’, we can use this query:



icontains means that the name does not have to match exactly.

If you are an administrator or supplier of the data, you can also edit or delete the data via the API.


We support two versions of our API:

  • API v3: stable

  • API v4: experimental

API V3 is the stable version of API. We may add new features, but it should not break existing endpoints. API V4 is used to develop new features.

Digitale Delta API

De Nederlandse watersector staat voor de opgave om in een snel veranderende omgeving haar informatievoorziening te transformeren en klaar te maken voor de toekomst. De Digitale Delta is het open platform voor het aanbieden en vinden van relevante data voor het waterbeheer in Nederland. Lizard spreekt Digitale Delta en is een van de dataleveranciers binnen de Digitale Delta. De Digitale Delta API Root is te vinden op https://demo.lizard.net/dd/api/v2

De documentatie van de Digitale Delta API is te vinden op: https://github.com/DigitaleDeltaOrg/dd-api-spec/blob/master/README.md


If you have additional questions about the use of the API contact our servicedesk (servicedesk@nelen-schuurmans.nl)