User interfaces


Lizard is a data and analytics platform, optimised for the physical environment. We enable you to unlock the potential of your data and allow you to integrate and combine data from different sources and domains. Explore your data with plug-and-play applications. Or connect your favourite data science tools with our API.

The documentation has detailed descriptions of individual components of every aspect of Lizard. Feel free to move through every section in sequence by using the next functionality at the bottom of every page, or dive straight to the item of interest with the use of the left pane.

Tutorials in regards to the Lizard API usage can be found in the API Tutorials section <>


The homepage ensures easy access to functionalities for all users. You can access the Lizard homepage via the following url “www.{your_organisation}”. This base url will also be referred to as ‘Portal’. Lizard works best in Chrome. No additional software is needed.

for example:


From the Homepage, you can link to the Lizard functionality you are interested in.

  • Catalogue: Search for your data.

  • Viewer: Explore your data.

  • Management: Manage your data, users, alarms and GeoBlocks.

  • API: Query your data.

From the homepage you have easy access to the support team and the documentation.